Every single day we hear of the negative effects of recession which still persist after so many years. Even though the recession is officially over, unemployment rate is still at its peak, and the level of satisfaction is still pretty low. However, there is one area where people are never complaining and are not experiencing the negative side effects of the recession. That is online business.

A Whole New Opportunity

According to the Bureau of Labor statistics coupled with popular online marketing job boards from my region, this niche of internet marketing is flourishing. The demand for internet marketing jobs is constantly on the rise. As a matter of fact, I have talked to several good friends of mine who are marketing gurus, and they’ve all told me that there aren’t enough experienced candidates for the open positions in their online companies.

Online marketing is by far the opportunity of the century. There are literally thousands of companies that outsource their SEO and marketing needs, and their number is constantly on the rise. To get a look at a SEO expert Chicago, or top seo company in Chicago seo

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In times like these and with such a huge market available, harnessing new marketing skills can be the surest way to find a better and more rewarding job in the marketing industry. With so many education options at your fingertips, there is simply no reason to shy away from learning new things and acquire new skills.

Avinash Kaushik, the well-famed Google Analytics pro and Web Analytics 2.0 author has his own rule on how people should spend money on web analytics tools. He says that you should spend only 10% on the actual software and more than 90% of your budget on well-prepared and smart analysts. With this formula at hand, you can enjoy beautifully crafted insights that will definitely help your business flourish. The right question here is: “How people become well-prepared and smart analysts?”. This is where education comes into play, becoming the most important factor in this success equation.

The naked truth is that nothing is 100% free today. Whether it’s the time you spend on your education or the money you spend on the right marketing tools, you are making an investment either way. And with any other thing you invest in, it can be right to say that the bigger the investment, the greater the reward. The more time you spend developing your online marketing skills and the more money you invest improving them, the higher the reward will be in the long run. Let’s take a look at some of the best investment options you have at your disposal in order to become a successful online marketing guru.

Education Commitment Level 1: 2-4 Hours a Week

Things move extremely fast in the world of SEO and internet marketing. Whether it is the new discovered SEO tactics such as LDA, using LSI keywords, capitalizing on video marketing or using the right SEO tools and programs that can save you hours of hard work, online marketing is continually improving and growing. If we were to mention Google’s latest updates and changes in ranking factors, things become even more complex.

The first level of investment you could make is to spend at least 2 hours a week reading blog posts. Some great resources are YouMoz, SEOMoz, Quicksprout and Set’s Blog. Explore all these amazing resources and expand your knowledge about internet marketing.

Education Commitment Level 2: 2-4 Months

A few paragraphs above we have mentioned Avinash Kaushik. This famous Indian entrepreneur has teamed up with other successful entrepreneurs and leading industry experts to create one of the most comprehensive online marketing guides for both individuals and agencies – Market Motive. Avinash is the head of the web analytics program, while other reputable Internet marketers such as Bryan Eisenberg and Todd Malicoat manage the SMO, SEO, PPC, online PR, conversion optimization and social media programs.

Participants can enroll in semester-long master certification programs or can learn the most important and useful aspects of Internet marketing by simply subscribing to the newsletter. The list of courses available includes web analytics, PPC, conversion, SEO, social media, content marketing, mobile marketing and display advertising. Each of these courses extends over a period of 2-4 months and represents a unique opportunity to invest in yourself.

Education Commitment Level 3: 2-4 Years

The highest level of online marketing education you can get is to take all the Internet marketing expertise available at Market Motive and complement it with a degree from a well-famed accredited college. One of the best colleges available for you is the Rasmussen College. With a bachelor’s degree or business management associate’s from Rasmussen College, you can develop the practical technology and leadership skills needed to survive in today’s competitive business environment.

At Rasmussen College you can choose the right learning format that best suit your purposes and fits your lifestyle. You can enroll completely online or you can choose to enroll in a blended format (both online and on-campus). According to the statistics, over 90% of graduates from this college are already working in their field of study or are continuing their education in the same field.

Through practical, hands-on opportunities and career-focused learning plans, Rasmussen College offers you the highest level of marketing education possible. You should choose a Specialization in Internet Marketing degree program, and go with a Bachelor’s program as it contains a lot of useful Market Motive content which is relevant in today’s business environment.

The Decision is Yours

Two to four hours a week. Maybe two to four months, or even two to four years. In the end, it’s totally up to you to decide how much time and resources you are willing to invest in developing and growing your internet marketing skills. However, I want to assure you that investing in yourself in the biggest investment you can make in this life.

As someone who was just a regular IT project manager and has moved on to become an in-house SEO expert, I assure you that education is vital for your success. If you have not reached your career goals and your dreams have not come true yet, maybe it is time to consider making one of these investments and reach your true potential.